Gurans is a slang term used by Cape Town Xhosa speaking community that means war between rival gangs or individuals.

Ingathi ikhona igurans between lamajita.
It looks like there is some war/conflict between those guys.

5 Bob

Refers to the 50 cents coin.

Kid: How much are these chips
My friend: They are 5 bob, my friend.


Refers to R100 (One hundred Rands. One Klipa would mean R100, 2 klipa - R200, etc.

Guy 1: How much did you pay for a box of cigarettes during lockdown.

Guy 2: I got this 20s for 2 klipa.


An informal term mostly used by Xhosa people to refer to beer.

Sbwl iWash namhlanje.
I am craving beer today.


A name given to people of high status



'N' a slight sleep or short sleep, especially during the day.

I wanna take a nap in my room.
I thought he want to catch a nap.


This is the best herb to get you relaxed. It was once illegal to grow this shit in South Africa, but now motherfuckers are growing it all over.

Dude, where did you get the weed we had last night? It was the bomb.


A Xhosa term for come here.
The original term is "Yiza apha" or "Yizapha" but social media people have further shortened it.

No one:
Big Xhosa: A Reece izapha baby girl.


Inyanga is mostly a traditional herbalist and does not usually perform rituals that are common to those that a Sangoma performs.

I went to see Inyanga when I was not feeling well.


The colloquial term used by us South Africans to refer to our country. It is the Xhosa word for the "South" part in South Africa. The full word is Mzantsi Africa. "South Africa".

I stay in Mzantsi and proud of it.

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