Is a conceptual art t-shirt and sneaker brand that turns concepts into art in a form of fashion expression.

I love the t-shirt that I bought from ABSTRACT WRLD DESIGNS.


A Xhosa term for 'You are shitting'. It can also mean 'she or he is taking a shit', depending on the context.

Man 1: Where is he?
Man 2: Uyanya (He is taking a shit)

Woman 1: I will beat you!
Woman 2: Uyanya (You are shitting)

Nka screama gore

A popular Tswana/Sotho phrase on social media that means "I would scream". It's used as an expression when something shocking happens.

Imagine if ISIS would come to South Africa. Yhuu nka screama gore.


This word can be used in any context. You can use it to greet, to say goodbye, to indicate you are happy. Etc.

Guy 1: Aweh bro, howzit?

Guy 2: Chilled bro, how about you?

Guy 1: Lekker bro.

Guy 2: Aweh!


A plastic horn/trumpet that is mostly blown in soccer matches. It produces a loud monotone note. It became very popular in South Africa in the 1990s. A fan of the Kaizer Chiefs named Freddie "Saddam" Maake says that he invented the vuvuzela.

Don't forget your vuvuzela when we go to the stadium.


Used as a racist remark towards black people who behave like Caucasians (White people).  Derived from the coconut fruit - "brown on the outside, white on the inside".

What were you expecting from this one? He is a coconut anyways. 


Celebrated every year on the 27th of March. The anniversary of the South African Covid-19 lockdown that was supposed to last only 21 days.

Happy lockdowniversary to everyone who is celebrating.

Skrr skrr

Are mostly ama2000 and you will see them with their weird clothes, American accent, dreads with a fade or just a clean fade and they listen to weird Hip Hop songs. They always want to be seen and are very hard to miss.
They are the same WhatsApp group with cheese boys.

1. I knew he was a skrr skrr just from the way he was dressed.
2. Skrr skrr niggas will break your heart and help you through the heartbreak then break it again.


That South African language with all the clicks. The people who speak this language think they breathe flavoured air

No one: Thabo: I only date Xhosa chicks even though I know they will suck me dry.


Umdlezana is a Xhosa term for a mother of a new born baby.
Plural: Abadlezana

Unqabile because ngumdlezana kaloku.

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