Zulu is the most widely spoken home language in South Africa (about 24% of the population), and it is understood by over 50% of South African population.

Zulu guys will hurt you big time.


Mgarimbe is the legend who gave us the hit song Sister Betina.

Mgarimbe deserves a lifetime achievement award.

Slay queen

Young and naive girls who apparently do not date broke men. They spend hours on Snapchat and Instagram showing off things they don't even own.

Sandton slay queens are the worst, they will milk you dry then run way.


Indutsu is a Xhosa vulgar word that means butt or ass.
Also see mdidi.

Ndakukhaba unye endutsu.


Sbwl is a Xhosa shorthand for “sabaweli”. Sabaweli, which in turn is a shorthand of “andisabaweli, andisayibaweli, etc.”, is built from the root word “ukubawela” which means to crave, want, desire, wish for, fancy, yearn, etc.

1. Umntu wakho xa ebona mna, uthi sbwl. >> When your person sees me, s/he says sbwl.

2. Sbwl beer today.

3. Sbwl the coronavirus to just disappear. 


Kwaal is a slang term that means a problem or a conflict.

Why does he have kwaal with him?


A name given to people of high status


Side chick

A side chick is a girl that is being dated by a guy who is in a serious relationship with someone else (main chick).

The girl he was with is his side chick.


Another name for Carling Black Label beer. Some call it Black Juice.

I will never drink zamalek again. It's too strong.


A person who is not scared of anything. Willing to risk it all, including career and own life for a man.

I got myself igudumana, I’m sorted for life.

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