Same WhatsApp group

A phrase that is used to describe similar things, people, behaviors or situations.

ANC supporters and Bushiri supporters - Same WhatsApp group!

Mngani wa yena

A Tsonga term for "his friend / her friend" that is apparently used to identify unknown soccer players by commentators.
They would call all the names of the "famous" players and when they reach the unknown player, they would say mngani wa yena (his friend).

And he passes the ball to Jabu Pule... Jabu Pule passes to mngani wa yena.


Nyoso means Nonsense

Her: Nasty C is better than A Reece
Him: yinyoso yelo (that's nonsense)


A vulgar or explicit way to say butt or ass.

Do not say this to anyone or you will be moered. 

You are mad, mdidi wakho. 


A word the "Mapulane" adults use to refer to a girl.

Heh Ngeku dula fase.
*You girl, Sit down*


A type of House Music that’s popular in Pitori.

I will choose Barcadi over Amapiano any day.

Tse nzima

Tse nzima is a word used to describe people who are good at something. It is normally used as a compliment.

If you get the girl your friends can say to you
Tse Nziiiiiiiima.


Umkhwetha (plural: abakhwetha) is an initiate (a boy going through the circumcisions/initiation period) in Xhosa.

Umkhwetha has to eat food without salt for the first few days


onyanya is someone who is stingy with anything

Peter okuna o onyanya

Sister Betina

The South African National Anthem, written and performed by our very own, Mgarimbe.

They all lost their minds when Sister Betina started playing.

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