Taima is a slang term for dad or father.

I will be chilling with taima tomorrow.


The guy who buys the alcohol and make sure that everyone is taken care of.

If you still want to drink, please o ska bora moreki my sister.


A stokvel is a savings pool where a group of individuals contribute an agreed-upon monthly amount. The group have full control of how they would like to use that money. Two common methods are to pay out monthly or annually. The group can make monthly pay-outs, or they could keep investing their savings and get a lump sum at the end of the year.

I have joined a stockvel with the members of my community where we get monthly payouts.


A racial slur that was (and still) used by racist whites to refer to black people in South Africa.

She got arrested for calling ba lack protester kaffir.

Male bestie

Is someone whom u consider to be ur brother / someone close to u but some people think that a male bestie is someone who wants to ruin ur relationship. That is not true, a male bestie is like a boy bestie.

A male bestie stands by u when u are in tough times

Kreng Kreng

A new drug in Pitori that is 10 times stronger and addictive than nyaope.

Kreng kreng is finishing the youth of Pretoria


A spicy relish of Indian origin, much like a mix between chutney and a pickle and usually made from green mangoes.

I eat everything with atchar 🤞🏽


A filler word usually meaning "but"
It can be added in the beginning, middle, or the end of a sentence.

Mara why it is so expensive?
He's good looking mara he's not a good person.
Why do we have to be so broke, mara?

We should hang out

It can mean anytime between now and the next 5 years.

We should hang out soon, my friend.


To claim you can do something, or you can do it better.

Wena awitsi selo wa're tempela fela.

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