Sembi is a Xhosa social media term that means ugly or bad.
Mbi in Xhosa means ugly when referring to a person and means bad when referring to a situation.

Me posting a picture of my child:
Facebook friends: Sembi bundle of joy wakho mntkbw.


This word comes from the Xhosa language, and is mostly used by the Xhosa speaking people."Ncmsl" Is a short word for "Ncamisile".It is means unbelievable.

"Chomi uLisa undifuna back"


A vulgar or explicit way to say butt or ass.

Do not say this to anyone or you will be moered. 

You are mad, mdidi wakho. 


Andizi is a Xhosa term for I am not coming.

Q: Are you coming or not?
A: Andizi!


Is an Afrikaans term for complitely fed up or very upset.

I am gatvol with Kaizer Chiefs.


A Xhosa/Zulu term for Balls (As in testicles, not a soccer ball).
Also see marete.

Amasende akho ayanuka.


Noun 1: A christian thief who steals under the guise of humility.

Noun 2: A falsely humble person who wins public support by frequenting worshipping places.

The lungu of African politicians is the major contributing factor to abject poverty.

Matric Dance

Also known as Matric Farewell - Is when grade 12 (last year of high school) learners have one final formal function, often followed by parties, underage drinking and bad decisions. Each school usually has its own dance and pupils usually come with a date and wear expensive suits and dresses.
Americans would call it prom

I don't know who I am going to take to the Matric Dance.

Kreng Kreng

A new drug in Pitori that is 10 times stronger and addictive than nyaope.

Kreng kreng is finishing the youth of Pretoria


Capping means
Talking or explaining,

why u dey capp naw or why you are you capping nonsense

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