Describes a location, either at home school or any place.

Ituye kum'tsali kamweina.


A noun that describes a state of being overwhelmed by a situation OR refers to a very difficult situation that appears to have no solution.

Haaah ma1 wangu! I don't even have taxi fare to get there.


A Mabena is a person who is always making mistakes and who is a disappointment.

Disappoint me again, Mabena.


Despite the recent false trends to redefine this prestigious Surname. The Mabena name comes from a long history, stemming from the early Zulu tribe. The people are know as gentle, smart and hardworking. Which comes from their long history where they fought hard to gain independence in a war torn era. They are generally based in the Southern part of Africa. However a significant portion can be found in Europe and North America. To try and define the name Mabena is false as it refers to a group of people as many surnames do. Instead a recognition of the prestige and long history of the name is what matters most. After all, the Mabena name is a noun and can or should not be used as an adjective or verb.

The leader of the community was John Mabena.


Mabopane is a residential township in South Africa. It is situated in the Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality, to the north of Pretoria in Gauteng.

I was visiting a friend in Mabopane.


MacG is a South African DJ and Podcaster who runs the biggest podcast in Africa called Podcast and Chill, alongside Sol Phenduka and a host whose name is not revealed (referred to as the "Ghost Lady").

He owns the YouTube channel, MacG that has over a million subscribers.

Did you see who MacG was interviewing today?


A Xhosa clan name that was made famous by former president Nelson Mandela.

Madiba passed away in December 2013.


A term used in South Africa to refer to money. Madiba is Nelson Mandela’s clan name and his face is on the South African bank notes, hence the term.

I can’t come if there’s no Madibas.


A very dope musician under Dj Maphorisa's label. He is Maphorisa's alter ego.

Madumane ke star.


South African potato-like tuber (Colocasia esculenta and Colocasia antiquorum), cultivated mostly in KwaZulu-Natal, greyish in colour and rather tasty. From the isiZulu amadumbe .

When I go to KZN, I have to get myself amadumbe.


A term used to describe someone regarded as a fool or someone who is very gullible or being conned

My maga promise me hundred thousand Naira


Short for Magezel'empompeni, is a derogatory name used to refer to a taxi driver. The word directly translates to "the one who baths from a tap". The name originates from that stereotype that taxi drivers have a long distance relationship with water.

Abo mageza from Jozi are so rude and funny at the same time.


Magriza is a slang term for grandmother.

I was raised by magriza.


A Zulu term that means for nothing. Free; obtained without payment or difficulty. It is however not only used by Zulu, it has been incorporated to modern South African lingo.

Buy 1 drink and get the second one mahala.


Umahlalela is a Xhosa term for an unemployed person.

uRamaphosa uyamthanda umahlalela, uvele amnike iR350.
Ramaphosa loves the unemployed, he just gives them R350.


1. A Ndebele surname
2. The Nokia 3310

1. UMahlangu wami ulahlekile

Main Chick

The girl who is in a serious relationship with a guy, but that guy is casually dating other people (side chick).

I don't care what he does oksalayo I am the main chick.

Majita Monday

Majita Monday is a movement striving to create a safe space for men to talk about their emotional intelligence and mental wellness. It is celebrated every Monday with the hashtag #MajitaMonday.

Happy Majita Monday to you all, gents ❤


A plastic miner’s helmet cut, moulded and painted to make headgear worn by fans at football matches.

I used to wear makarapa when I went to watch the game.


Umakhwapheni is a more formal term for a side chick or a nyatsi.

His wife saw him at a restaurant with his makhwapheni.

Male bestie

Is someone whom u consider to be ur brother / someone close to u but some people think that a male bestie is someone who wants to ruin ur relationship. That is not true, a male bestie is like a boy bestie.

A male bestie stands by u when u are in tough times

Male Bestie

The most dangerous creature. Male bestie is the guy your girlfriend always tells you not to worry about but you don't know what they do behind closed doors. He is the guy that's always waiting for you to fuck up.

My guy be careful of your girl's male bestie.


Maleven was a South African criminal who used to hijack cars and do house breakings around Benoni. He rose into fame after his interview with BBC. He is rumoured to have passed away.

Maleven: I will show you with your last born if you don't want to give me money.


Mama is a term used to refer to a mother.

Mama I love you.


Mamazala is a term used to refer to mother-in-law.

I'm so happy with my mamazala, unlike many people.


Mambisa is an informal name used to refer to Tembisa township.

I was born and bred in Mambisa.


Mamboyi is a colloquial term for alcoholic beverage, Old Buck.

I only drink Mamboyi when I’m in the bundus.

Mamelodi Sundowns

The most successful soccer team in South Africa (and most rich). It is nicknamed masandawana or kabo yellow.

Mamelodi Sundowns is winning the league again this season, after snatching it from Kaizer Chiefs last season on the last game.


An idiot; a stupid or silly person. The Sunday Times newspaper shames wrongdoers in public life with its Mampara of the Week award.

Kaizer Chiefs fans are Mamparas.

Mampara Week

Mampara week is the week before payday, where everyone just doesn’t have money.

Friend: Let’s go out.
Me: I can’t, you know it’s Mampara Week.


Mamzo is a kasi slang term for mom or mother.

Eish sorry mamzo, I won’t do it again.

Mandla Ncikazi

Mandla Ncikazi (born 16 February 1969) is a Plumber And South African professional soccer former player who is part of the technical staff at South African Premier Division club Orlando Pirates.

When someone arms are Crossed , with shoulders pulled together and hands that rub over the arms or sides (a self-soothing motion). Slower movements than usual. Half-formed movements, as if the character doesn't have the energy for more. You can then refer that person as Mandla Ncikazi


Mandoza was a Kwaito legend who gave us a lot of hit songs like Nkalakatha, Tornado, etc.
May he continue to rest 🙏🏾

I really miss Mandoza right now.


A South African slang term for someone with a big butt or nyash.

I don't like squats cause I don' t wanna be a mapakisha.


Umaqondana is a South African slang term for a main chick or “the one”.

Ngimtholile umaqondana.
I have found the one.


A filler word usually meaning "but"
It can be added in the beginning, middle, or the end of a sentence.

Mara why it is so expensive?
He's good looking mara he's not a good person.
Why do we have to be so broke, mara?


A baSotho/Tswana term for Balls (As in testicles, not a soccer ball).

O boa marete saan


The only female Webster Spida loves

Mary is so esculent


A endearing term for the The best football club in Africa Mamelodi Sundowns Football Club.

Yoh MaSandawana game gang. They smoked Al Ahly 5-2 last week ko Atteridgeville!


Masandawana is a nickname for South African soccer team Mamelodi Sundowns.

I'm a loyal supporter of masandawana.


Masepa mean SHIT in South African seSotho languages (SeSotho, SeTswana, SePedi).
Can also be used to refer to a beautiful lady as in like "Ngwanola ona le masepa"
The other term can be used to insult someone as in like "O mpotsa masepa sarn"
Also see Masimba

O mpotsa masepa.


A Zulu term for a Loan Shark, someone who offers loans at extremely high interest rates, has strict terms of collection upon failure, and generally operates outside of local authority.

I need to pay the mashonisa otherwise he will keep my ID and Bank cards.


Masimba mean SHIT in South African Zulu and Xhosa languages. I know in Zimbabwe (Shona) it means something different.

Uthetha amasimba.
Translation: You are talking shit


In Shona it means powers

Hurumende ine masimba ekuchinja mutemo


Maskandi is a kind of Zulu folk music / genre that is dominant amongst the Zulu population of South Africa.

I enjoy listening to Maskandi
My favourite Maskandi artist is Mgqumeni


Masonja are Mopane worms that are mostly eaten in Limpopo.

I would rather starve than to eat masonja.


Mother of prayer

Woman who pray for people


The last year of high school (grade 12).

I can't wait to do my matric.

Matric Dance

Also known as Matric Farewell - Is when grade 12 (last year of high school) learners have one final formal function, often followed by parties, underage drinking and bad decisions. Each school usually has its own dance and pupils usually come with a date and wear expensive suits and dresses.
Americans would call it prom

I don't know who I am going to take to the Matric Dance.


The money given to a woman after spending the night with her.

She left with a random guy yesterday guy and got mavuso in the morning.


It refers to the money that is given to a woman after spending a time with her. The money is some sort of thanks giving for pleasure

The Pinkie spend a night with Penny last night. In the morning Pinkie asked mavuso from Penny.


East Africa A vagina

Man, I haven't eaten a mbususu for a while


MD is an abbreviation that has recently been used for Matric Dance. This is the farewell function for Matriculants or grade 12 learners in South Africa.

My school's MD was lit.


Mdantsane is a township in East London, Eastern Cape, South Africa}. It is the second largest township in South Africa, after [Soweto.

That boxer is from the streets of Mdantsane.


A slang term for sex or tlof tlof.

Why do guys fall asleep immediately after umdavazo?


A vulgar or explicit way to say butt or ass.

Do not say this to anyone or you will be moered. 

You are mad, mdidi wakho. 


Umdlezana is a Xhosa term for a mother of a new born baby.
Plural: Abadlezana

Unqabile because ngumdlezana kaloku.


Fatcake filled with chicken livers, mince or vegetables

Andiwuthandi lona umdundu.

Meneer Magongwa

A situation where you don't have money and you have no means of getting it.

I'm so Meneer Magongwa these days.


A Zulu pronunciation of "manager".
It can also mean you are standing with a dog.

No one:
Zulu guy: My friend is now a menenja at Transnet.


Mfanaka is a Sotho term that loosely translates to "my boy". It is used to mean my friend, my bro.

Eita, dintshang mfanaka?
How's it going, my boy.


Mgarimbe is the legend who gave us the hit song Sister Betina.

Mgarimbe deserves a lifetime achievement award.


Umgosi in South Africa means gossip.

No one:

Girls: I have so much mgosi for you my friend.


In Xhosa, umgqakhwe is a derogatory term used to refer to someone born out of wedlock.

"Makungangeni mgqakhwe ebandleni likaYehova; nesizukulwana sawo seshumi masingangeni ebandleni likaYehova." - deuteronomy 23
"No one born of a forbidden marriage nor any of his descendants may enter the assembly of the LORD, even down to the tenth generation."


Mom I'd Like to Fuck.
What were you watching that made you search for this word?

You were watching some Milf videos?


To mize is to overlook/ignore something or someone intentionally.

Girls will mize you when you are broke!


A Kasi term for "guy". The plural will be Majita.

I was just chilling namajita.


A guy/ gentleman/clever man

How's it Mjita; 'm just Moja (fine)


Mjolo basically means dating. It's derived from ukujola which means to date. Therefore mjolo is the act of dating (ukujola).

Other people may spell it as mojolo

Mjolo will nyisa you. 


A figurative term used by South African students when they plan to create a WhatsApp group and share test questions.

Ukhona umjondolo osuvuliwe bahlali? Phela ziyakhala k'sasa


Mjondolo is another term for informal settlements (mkhukhu).

There is an movement called Abahlali basemjondolo


A Zulu term that refers to a huge belly, mostly seen in tenderpreneurs. Sotho people can spell it as mokhaba.

Stomach in, chest out. Umkhaba must fall.


A house built from metal roof material (zink) or mud. i.e informal settlement.

I'm moving to Gomora, I will build myself a mkhukhu.


A liberator, Someone who gives freedom

Uthixo nguMkhululi wethu


Umkhwetha (plural: abakhwetha) is an initiate (a boy going through the circumcisions/initiation period) in Xhosa.

Umkhwetha has to eat food without salt for the first few days


MKMVA is the abbreviation for uMkhonto weSizwe Military Veterans Association.

MKMVA is protecting Jacob Zuma's house in Nkandla


A Xhosa or Zulu term for a white person.

My best friend is umlungu.


My friend

Mmata im broke

Mngani wa yena

A Tsonga term for "his friend / her friend" that is apparently used to identify unknown soccer players by commentators.
They would call all the names of the "famous" players and when they reach the unknown player, they would say mngani wa yena (his friend).

And he passes the ball to Jabu Pule... Jabu Pule passes to mngani wa yena.


This is an incorrect spelling of mnqundu.
It's so annoying to see so many people misspelling this word 🤦🏽‍♂️

No one:
Annoying person: I miss him but umngqund'wakhe.


Umnqundu is a Xhosa swear word that you don't want to randomly say.

Mqundu wakho kwedini.


Homie, Dear or Friend in a South African Xhosa language

You don't have to worry mntase, all shall be well


Short for mntasekhaya. A Xhosa term of endearment for family i.e siblings, cousins or even a dear friend.

- Yho mntase, you should have seen the way he looked at me.

- Never let men play you, mntase. Banyise bonke.


My brother/my sister/my best friend/

Kunjani mntase nakugcina kudala


Xhosa term derived from Mntakabawo which directly translates to "My dad's child". This term doesn't necessarily refer to someone you are related to. It can be used to refer to a friend or any random person.

I'm so tired mntkbw.


South African Slime-Super-Slang for Meat. Derived from the Zulu word for meat being “inyama”. Popularized by the great DJ Dr Peppa.

*Note: Only used when speaking in English

Broer 1: So you left it on the grass next to the braai stand boyzen??

You: You know I can’t waste food so I had to eat the Mnyamelis


To beat someone to a pulp.

Can also be a swear word in Afrikaans

I will moer you.

Come here, jou moer.


A derogatory Afrikaans slang term for a gay person. Similar to the word faggot in English.

You don’t watch football? ⚽️ you might be a moffie


A Sepitori term for a loose girl or sfebe.
Can also be spelt as Mogwanthi.

Mogwanti wa Pitori.


Moist is a slangs used in most boarding schools. Which means something that is not sweet.

1. This boy too moist abeg
2. Wetin you talk moist
3. O boi moist


Moist is a slangs used in most boarding schools. Which means something that is not sweet.

1. This boy too moist abeg
2. O boi wetin you talk moist
3. Moist boy


A Sowetan term used to identify a certain opportunistic behaviour in people. e.g. slay queens

Ngwano ke mokotjo!


A Xhosa greeting used to greet one person. To greet multiple people, you say molweni.
Some people spell it as mholo.

"Molo sisi, kunjani? Uphilile na? Bendicel'umzuzu wokuthetha nawe mna" - Mandisi Dyantyis


A Xhosa greeting used to greet multiple people. You use molo to greet one person.

Molweni bantu abadala.


The guy who buys the alcohol and make sure that everyone is taken care of.

If you still want to drink, please o ska bora moreki my sister.


A very bad way of spelling mntase. It is mostly used by Sotho/Tswana people to mock Xhosa people on social media.

Yho motase, I couldn't believe what I saw.


Impama is a Nguni term for slap.

Ndizakufaka impama
I will slap you


A name given to people of high status



Mpesu is a substance made from the bark of the Securidaca longipedunculata tree, which aids men in terms of obtaining an erection and other sexual problems such as weak eraction, early ejaculation, low sex drive. Mpesa can be Mpesu

My friend uses mpesu


Impimpi is a South African term for a snitch.

Impimpi used to be burnt during the apartheid days.


Mpumalanga (Zulu name for "the place where the sun rises") is a province in eastern South Africa, bordering the nations of Swaziland and Mozambique.

We should visit Mpumalanga.

Mr 082

A guy who trended for what was apparently a staged video. He was asked for his number by a woman in a car and he kept saying "082". Twitter gave him the name Mr 082. 

Did you see the Mr 082 video?


Msotra is the slang term for Soweto township.

Ngise Msotra and I'm chillin' with the thugs


Is a Zulu and Xhosa swear word that loosely translates to male or female genitalia or cunt.

Msunu kanyoko to whoever is disrespecting me.


A person, usually a blesser or sugar mama who just swipes his/her card without any hesitation.

We are out of beer... mswapheni
We are out of meat... mswapheni


Mudhoto is slang term meaning big booty or bigass. Mudhoto is famous in Zimbabwe.

My girlfriend has mudhoto


A person who is always doing stupid things.
A foolish person.

Nnenna be mugu oh.

Muli bwanji?

How are you?

Muli bwanji kumeneko,How are you there?


A person

Ndiye munhu wacho
Meaning: This is the person


UMvelinqangi is a Nguni word which translates to "the Most High" or "Divine Consciousness"; that is considered the source of all that has been, that is and all that ever will be.

Mvelinqangi, the creator, came out of the reed. He brought out men, women, animals, corn, and all the fruits of the earth


Mxit was a popular South African social media platform before the times of WhatsApp.
That's what we used to get girls back in the day.

Niggas had a girlfriend in every province during the Mxit days 🤣

My friend

This is a term that refers to the Somali or Pakistani shop owners in South Africa. This term started when these shop owners first arrived in South Africa and they referred to everyone as "My friend". The name was then subsequently given to them.

1. Child: Hi, my friend. How much are your sweets?
My friend: It's 2 bob for one sweet, my friend.

2. No one:
Pakistani shop owner: My friend I am not your friend, my friend.


The colloquial term used by us South Africans to refer to our country. It is the Zulu word for the "South" part in South Africa. The full word is Mzansi Africa.

People of Mzansi will support their own.


The colloquial term used by us South Africans to refer to our country. It is the Xhosa word for the "South" part in South Africa. The full word is Mzantsi Africa. "South Africa".

I stay in Mzantsi and proud of it.


The mask wearing guy (Kwaito star), whom people say is DJ Sbu.

They say Mzekezeke can be anyone.


Mzukwana is a Kasi term for the olden days / the good old days / back in the day.

I woke up and listened to Kwaito ya mzukwana today.


Plural: Abazwayi
An informal Xhosa term that refers to umkhwetha.

I have to go see abazwayi in December

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