Umakhwapheni is a more formal term for a side chick or a nyatsi.

His wife saw him at a restaurant with his makhwapheni.


Umgosi in South Africa means gossip.

No one:

Girls: I have so much mgosi for you my friend.


Limpopo is one of the provinces in South Africa. It was formerly called the Northern Province because it's in the northern part of South Africa.

Limpopo is one of my favourite places to visit.


Masonja are Mopane worms that are mostly eaten in Limpopo.

I would rather starve than to eat masonja.

Ku Bird

Ku bird is a term that means "it's bad". Like when the situation gets really really bad. People use "bird" because it sounds the same as "bad".

I only have R3.50 in my bank account. Ku bird!

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