Arthur Zwane

A plumber who is the current coach of Kaizer Chiefs.

Don’t worry, Arthur Zwane is rebuilding.


Gauteng is the smallest yet richest province in South Africa. That is where you will find Johannesburg and Pitori

I was born and raised in the Gauteng Province.


Amapanyaza is the name given to the Gauteng Crime Prevention Wardens who were deployed by the Premier, Panyaza Lesufi.

Amapanyaza are doing a great job in fighting crime in Gauteng.


Isidubada is an informal Xhosa dialect where you add a “d” after every sound. For example “Molweni” would be “modolwedenidi”.

Zikhona Sodlaka spoke isidubada in an episode of Gqeberha the Empire.


Iponi is a term they use in Gqeberha for a guy, a gent, a bro. Sort of Mjita.

Yho I haven’t seen la poni in a while.


Dispa is a Xhosa slang term that means to sleep.

Sure boss, ndisayo dispa ngoku.
Sure boss, I am going to sleep now.


A skopari is a slang term for a loan shark. It is mostly used in the Gqeberha region.

As soon as he gets paid, his money goes to iskopari.


Intsomi is a Xhosa term for a tale. Those stories our grandparents used to tell us when we were young.

Hayi yintsomi, Hayi yi film.

Gun Dubula

A Gun Dubula is a person in Kasi who carries a gun and shoots people (trigger happy).

Do you remember that Gun Dubula who jumped the school fence and shot a rival gang member who was writing exams?


Mamboyi is a colloquial term for alcoholic beverage, Old Buck.

I only drink Mamboyi when I’m in the bundus.

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