Showing a critical or disrespectful attitude.

she keeps telling me I'm fat and she is always making derogatory remarks.


In Nguni languages, unondindwa is a derogatory term used to refer to a whore or sfebe.

No bro, that girl ngu nondindwa.


Papsak is the foil container that's put inside a box of wine (3L or 5L). The term can be used to refer to to cheap or low quality wine.

We used to moer papsak when we were learning to drink.

Stop Nonsense

Stop nonsense ekasi are those walls that are built around the house (fence) mostly for security reasons cause you know how it is with crime in Mzansi.

They climbed the stop nonsense and stole the dog

Don Dada

Material Don Dada was a Skhothane that was once the coolest kid in Mzansi, a title now owned by Uncle Vinny.

The Skhothane culture died with Don Dada.

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