Nelly M

Nelly M is the name that the recent generation / Social Media has given to former South Africsn president, Nelson Mandela.

I miss Nelly M, things would be better if he was still alive.

Nah he tweakin

A term that all the skrr skrr kids have been using in the comments section of Instagram. Apparently it means something not making sense or stupid.

No one:

Skrr skrr on insta: Nah he tweaking

Yt pipo

Yt pipo is a popular term on social media that refers to "White People"

I'm not surprised, akere it's Yt pipo.

Thuso Phala

Thuso Phala is a popular dance move that was first started by the South African soccer player named Thuso Phala.

I'm learning the Thuso Phala dance.


To mize is to overlook/ignore something or someone intentionally.

Girls will mize you when you are broke!


Fokkol is a popular South African term for Nothing, dololo, nix.

I fear fokkol!!!

Van toeka

A popular South African Slang term for 'a long time ago' or 'back in the day'

I know your dad from van toeka.


MKMVA is the abbreviation for uMkhonto weSizwe Military Veterans Association.

MKMVA is protecting Jacob Zuma's house in Nkandla

Ben 10

In South Africa, Ben 10 has nothing to do with cartoons. It rather refers to a young male who is dating an older female.

I was once a Ben 10 and she used to give me money for alcohol every weekend.


A tut is a widely used varsity term for a tutorial.

I have to leave early because I have to submit my tut.

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