South African Slime-Super-Slang for Meat. Derived from the Zulu word for meat being “inyama”. Popularized by the great DJ Dr Peppa.

*Note: Only used when speaking in English

Broer 1: So you left it on the grass next to the braai stand boyzen??

You: You know I can’t waste food so I had to eat the Mnyamelis


South African slang-term used as a direct substitute for the words “I’m sorry”. Pronounced as Hah-deh.

Big Bro: Who ate the mnyanelis I left in fridge?!
You: It was me big bro, hade.


A endearing term for the The best football club in Africa Mamelodi Sundowns Football Club.

Yoh MaSandawana game gang. They smoked Al Ahly 5-2 last week ko Atteridgeville!


Give me or pass me. It is a substitute for the word skyf. Pronounced as “Chair”

Che me the phone Broer, I wanna call someone to bring us Pipe.


South African slang term for “Please give/pass me”, pronounced as Sk-ey-f.

You don’t use an article (a, an or the) after the word. You just place the subject(what you want) directly after.

Please skyf pipe there. I wanna smoke quick.


South African
slang commonly used in a Hip-Hop context for Hookah Pipe or “Hubbly-Bubbly”

Hade Broer, can you skyf pipe there?


South African slang word for brother, directly derived from the Afrikaans language

You peep that broer over there? He makes nca music!

Al Ahly

A team that got beaten 5 - 2 by Sundowns (the best football team in Africa)

Don’t worry about that team. It’s an Al Ahly.

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