intshiza is a Xhosa slang term for a gun. 

I had to give them my phone, one of them ebephethe intshiza. 


Rekere is a Fool

O nketsa rekere(You are making me a fool)


plug is a word used by Xhosa people that means HIV & AIDS

yho njayam lawei ine plug

Sad generation

The generation of people who are sad during the week and extremely happy on weekends. You will see them with their Savannas on their heads, dancing to amapiano.

"We are a sad generation with happy pictures"
I am a proud member of the "sad generation".

Nyaope boy

This is a term used to refer to someone who smokes nyaope.

These nyaope boys would kill you for R5.


Mgarimbe is the legend who gave us the hit song Sister Betina.

Mgarimbe deserves a lifetime achievement award.


Chineke is the creator of the universe and everything good in it along with rain, trees, and other plants

Chineke, I can't believe I failed.


A racial slur that was (and still) used by racist whites to refer to black people in South Africa.

She got arrested for calling ba lack protester kaffir.


Is an Oshiwambo word that simply means love

Ohole so nice


A Xhosa term for "It's so obvious". It is mostly used when someone asks something that is very obvious.

Girl 1: I know it's lockdown, but are you really going to buy a Smirnoff 1818 for R500?

Girl 2: Ayisecace mntase

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