Hierso is a South African slang term that means "Here", "Right here". It is taken from the Afrikaans language.

"I'll be hierso goseng, wa nkolota" - Khuli Chana in No More Hunger


Mzukwana is a Kasi term for the olden days / the good old days / back in the day.

I woke up and listened to Kwaito ya mzukwana today.


That South African language with all the clicks. The people who speak this language think they breathe flavoured air

No one: Thabo: I only date Xhosa chicks even though I know they will suck me dry.


Fokkol is a popular South African term for Nothing, dololo, nix.

I fear fokkol!!!


A Xhosa term used to tell someone that you are going through the most.

Variations: mgowo, gowa, gowisha, gowishing.

I'm so broke, ngumgowo nje wodwa mntase.

Financially, ndiyagowa.


Is an Afrikaans term for complitely fed up or very upset.

I am gatvol with Kaizer Chiefs.


A dumpie is a term that refers to a 340ml beer or cider.

I prefer drinking dumpie over a ngudu.


A person who enters a relationship for the sole purpose of having a place to stay or avoid being homeless.

I just found out the girl I was actually a hobosexual.


Is a conceptual art t-shirt and sneaker brand that turns concepts into art in a form of fashion expression.

I love the t-shirt that I bought from ABSTRACT WRLD DESIGNS.


Ufasti is a term Xhosa people use to refer to the main chick or main partner. Some call it 560.

Ngufasti wam lawey
She is my main girlfriend

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