onyanya is someone who is stingy with anything

Peter okuna o onyanya


Word used to express disbelief, surprise, dissatisfaction.

Bathong, that's so crazy.


A Xhosa term for "It's so obvious". It is mostly used when someone asks something that is very obvious.

Girl 1: I know it's lockdown, but are you really going to buy a Smirnoff 1818 for R500?

Girl 2: Ayisecace mntase


Can be called "nqaba" is another word for Castle Lager, one of South Africa's favourite beer.

I am definitely buying myself inqaba after work.


A quarter loaf of bread hollowed out and filled with combinations of atchar, polony (Bologna), Russian sausages, slap chips, cheese, eggs, chilli sauce and more. A street food / kasi variant of the more suburban bunny chow.

I'm definitely getting myself a kota the next time I visit Gomora.


In South Africa, a born-free is anyone who was born after 27 April 1994 (Freedom day).

You born-frees don't know anything about struggle.


The money given to a woman after spending the night with her.

She left with a random guy yesterday guy and got mavuso in the morning.


The 750ml or 660ml beer or cider (quart).
Can also be called Ngud (without the last u)

Yabona ng'zomosha kakhulu


The first lecture of the day (07h45) at Rhodes University.
Also see Rhodent.

Yoh dawg, I partied to hard last night that I missed my dawnie.


These Cameroonian,male or female who are specialized in the act of scamming

Pablo is a nges boy

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