Nyoba is a Xhosa term for bribing. To bribe someone is to ukunyoba.

If I get caught by traffic cops, ndiyanyoba and it all goes well.


Dagga is another term for marijuanna or weed.

No one:
Parents: You are failing because of the dagga you are smoking.


A Kasi term for "guy". The plural will be Majita.

I was just chilling namajita.


Dubane is a slang term for the City of Durban. Used predominantly by the Zulu speaking population of KwaZulu Natal.

Hamb' obuza ngami in Dubane they know.

Phuza face

It's the face of a person who has been drinking for a long time / a drunkard. That face that looks like leather.

This person is old, can't you see that phuza face?

Cheese Boy

A privileged boy who has money and lives a flashy lifestyle.

From the way he speaks, you can tell he's such a cheese boy.

Gwara gwara

A popular South African dance that was created by DJ Bongz. It has been performed by a lot of big stars including Rihanna and Paul Pogba.

Did you see Paul Pogba doing the Gwara gwara?


Is a Xhosa term for "You are annoying".
It can also mean "He/She is annoying"... depending on the pronunciation.

Example 1: Don't talk to me, uyadika (you are annoying).
Example 2: I stopped talking to her because uyadika (she is annoying).


Umakoti is a Nguni term for a bride or bride to be.

Are you ready to be umakoti apha ekhaya?


A spicy relish of Indian origin, much like a mix between chutney and a pickle and usually made from green mangoes.

I eat everything with atchar 🤞🏽

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