Andizi is a Xhosa term for I am not coming.

Q: Are you coming or not?
A: Andizi!

Load Shedding

When the stupid Ass-kom also known as Eskom decides to switch off our electricity that we pay for.

You better charge your phone, Load shedding is starting again soon

Phuza face

It's the face of a person who has been drinking for a long time / a drunkard. That face that looks like leather.

This person is old, can't you see that phuza face?


Plural: Abazwayi
An informal Xhosa term that refers to umkhwetha.

I have to go see abazwayi in December


University of South Africa - The biggest University in South Africa in terms of number of students. It is known for its distance learning programmes. Majority of students who go here are not at an actual campus. Covid found them ready.

I have applied at UNISA, I want to study while chilling at home.


Another term that refers to Covid / Coronavirus.
Also see Coco

The third wave of covivi is looming.


The 750ml or 660ml beer or cider (quart).
Can also be called Ngud (without the last u)

Yabona ng'zomosha kakhulu


Is an Afrikaans term for complitely fed up or very upset.

I am gatvol with Kaizer Chiefs.


The word is used as an intentional misspelling and pronunciation of the word ‘amandla’ which means strength.

The word was popularised on social media after Naomi Campbell said ‘amandala’ instead of the correct ‘amandla’ at the Global Citizen Festival in 2018.

You'll be strong. Hayi wethu Amandala to you.


Askies is an Afrikaans term for Sorry. It is however used informally in almost all the South African languages for apologising.

I didn't see you there, askies for stepping on you.

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