Don Dada

Material Don Dada was a Skhothane that was once the coolest kid in Mzansi, a title now owned by Uncle Vinny.

The Skhothane culture died with Don Dada.


Literally means “apartness” in Afrikaans, apartheid was the policy of racial segregation implemented by the South African National Party from 1948 to 1994, resulting in the oppression and labour exploitation of South Africa’s black majority, and their systematic exclusion from the country’s mainstream economic, educational and social life.

The struggles of black people we see today is the legacy of the apartheid regime.


A South African dance where the person squats and kicks at the same time. It is one of the most popular dances in South Africa.

Look at how she does the vosho. You can see that she is a regular at groove.


Maleven was a South African criminal who used to hijack cars and do house breakings around Benoni. He rose into fame after his interview with BBC. He is rumoured to have passed away.

Maleven: I will show you with your last born if you don't want to give me money.


Isjumbane is a weapon used in prison to beat a person up. It is a snooker (pool) ball put inside a sock or a metal cup hooked in a belt.

They broke his teeth when they were beating him up with a sjumbane.

Sister Betina

The South African National Anthem, written and performed by our very own, Mgarimbe.

They all lost their minds when Sister Betina started playing.


Ingcibi is a Xhosa traditional surgeon who performs circumcisions on young males during initiation.

His grandfather is ingcibi of the village.

Yt pipo

Yt pipo is a popular term on social media that refers to "White People"

I'm not surprised, akere it's Yt pipo.


A translender is a person who is fat on the outside but slender on the inside. Basically a slender person stuck in a fat person's body.

Don't be fooled by this mkhaba, I'm s translender.


Kaaps or Afrikaaps is an Afrikaans dialect that is mainly spoken in the Cape Flats in Cape Town.

I thought I knew Afrikaans until I went to the Cape Flats and heard what they call Kaaps/Afrikaaps.

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