Jou mase gat

This is an Afrikaans swear term that directly translates to “your mother’s vagina”. It’s similar to jou mase poes.

Voetsek with your nonsense, Jou mase gat.


Also known as Pretoria. This is the capital city of South Africa. The people of this city speak what they call SePitori.

I know I'm a dick, akere I'm from Pitori.



Anondipa Rudo(She/He gives me love )


Pastor's Kid or Preacher's Kid.
There's a stereotype that they grow up in very strict households but once they get their "freedom", they become very rachet.

The way she dances with that Savanna, you wouldn't believe that she is a PK.


Plural: Abazwayi
An informal Xhosa term that refers to umkhwetha.

I have to go see abazwayi in December

Nton nton

Is a Xhosa term used when you don't know the name of something or the term for something. Can also be used when you don't know someone's name.

1. I had that Mc nton nton burger from Mc Donald's.
2. Mr. Nton nton from school called again.


Ukufemba is a spiritual healing /energy healing where an inyanga removes bad spirits in one's body or foreign objects in the yard or car. It's an African exorcism (ukukhipha imimoya emibi).

I need to try ukufemba.


A Xhosa term that means for nothing. Free; obtained without payment or difficulty.

Buy 1 drink and get the second one simahla.


People who are extremely ignorant, yet simultaneously extremely arrogant.

He thinks he knows more than scientists, he is very agnorant.

In Japan

Girls these days say they are in Japan to indicate that they are on their periods.
This is due to the flag of Japan, all white with a big red dot (indicates period blood in this case). 🇯🇵

Yoh mntase, I was so worried that I won't go to Japan this month but I woke up in Japan today.

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