The nickname for the South African president, Cyril Ramaphosa.

Cupcake is opening the country again.

jiki jiki

Suddenly/quickly and unexpectedly.

jiki jiki, a gusheshe came hurtling round the corner.


Mzukwana is a Kasi term for the olden days / the good old days / back in the day.

I woke up and listened to Kwaito ya mzukwana today.


The colloquial term used by us South Africans to refer to our country. It is the Zulu word for the "South" part in South Africa. The full word is Mzansi Africa.

People of Mzansi will support their own.

Beke le beke

Beke le beke is a Basotho (Tswana, Pedi, Sotho) term for weekly or week after week.

I do this beke le beke... asbonge.


A pidgin term for "please" or "I beg".

Abeg! No waste my time!

o ska bora moreki

Do not bore/annoy the person who is buying.

Can't you see he is getting tired of your bullshit? Please O ska bora moreki.


Indutsu is a Xhosa vulgar word that means butt or ass.
Also see mdidi.

Ndakukhaba unye endutsu.


Impimpi is a South African term for a snitch.

Impimpi used to be burnt during the apartheid days.

Skrr skrr

Are mostly ama2000 and you will see them with their weird clothes, American accent, dreads with a fade or just a clean fade and they listen to weird Hip Hop songs. They always want to be seen and are very hard to miss.
They are the same WhatsApp group with cheese boys.

1. I knew he was a skrr skrr just from the way he was dressed.
2. Skrr skrr niggas will break your heart and help you through the heartbreak then break it again.

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