Yellow Bone

A term that is used to refer to light skinned people (mostly girls).
If you are a guy and someone calls you a yellow bone, then something is wrong my guy 😂

We were just chilling and this yellow bone came in and everyone was looking at her. It was like a dream 😍


Afrikaans is a Low Franconian West Germanic language descended from Dutch and spoken mainly in South Africa and Namibia. 

I would rather do an unprepared speech in Afrikaans that ukujola with you. 


Nyash is a slang term for big booty or big ass.

"If you don't have nyash as a woman, you are just wasting your time"


A beautiful person

Bona lezothi


Inteshe is a Xhosa term that refers to a huge belly, mostly seen in tenderpreneurs. It is the synonym of mkhaba.

I've stopped eating meat because wow, inteshe.

Tsotsi Taal

The term directly translate to "Criminal language". This is a vernacular derived from a variety of mixed languages, mainly spoken in the townships all over South Africa.

Each Kasi has its own tsotsi taal or its own way of speaking, meaning tsotsi taal from Soweto might differ from that of Pitori.

Teacher: You cannot speak that Tsotsi Taal in my class. Here we speak proper English.


The lethal vodka that is produced by Sminnorf.

She was downing 1818, that's why she's this drunk.


Ow is a term Xhosa girls use to refer to a boyfriend.

Ngeyam i-Ow, ndingalwa ndibebomvu.


The down-payment paid by the groom to the family of the bride before they can get married. It can be in the form of money or livestock.
I believe they call it a dowry in other parts of the world.

My family expects R200k lobola for you to marry me.


That South African language with all the clicks. The people who speak this language think they breathe flavoured air

No one: Thabo: I only date Xhosa chicks even though I know they will suck me dry.

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