Anyone born between 1998 and 2005. That's the Skrr skrr generation. You will see them with their durags and tight pants.

Ama2000 like thinking that they know everything.


A Zulu name for a girl that means loved one or loved.
Means loved.

Ungothandiwe kakhulu .


Rasto is a slang name for guys who are smart, kind, gentle, faithful, hardworking and Aquarian

Dera fidelis is the first Rasto ever. Rasto Val Fidelis is on Facebook

Male Bestie

The most dangerous creature. Male bestie is the guy your girlfriend always tells you not to worry about but you don't know what they do behind closed doors. He is the guy that's always waiting for you to fuck up.

My guy be careful of your girl's male bestie.


The word referring any form of educational institution, from pre-school all the way to University.

Did you go to Sgela? Did you go to School?

Side chick

A side chick is a girl that is being dated by a guy who is in a serious relationship with someone else (main chick).

The girl he was with is his side chick.

Hlamba iphepha

A tradition in South Africa that celebrates the end of exam season. It loosely translates to "washing the paper".
High school kids typically go on a drinking spree (underage drinking).

I can't wait for the exams to finish so that sizokuhlamba iphepha.

Tito Mboweni

South African Minister of Finance. His signature used to be in SA money hence his name is often referred to when skrr skrr gang is talking about money.

Tito Mboweni, sha sha...


A house built from metal roof material (zink) or mud. i.e informal settlement.

I'm moving to Gomora, I will build myself a mkhukhu.

Big Xhosa

Also known as SOS - Is a South African rapper who the current king of South African rap. He released his diss track called Ninyile that was dissing the whole SA Hip Hop industry and all these cats have been awfully quiet ever since.

Big Xhosa dissed the whole industry except Big Zulu.

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