Kaizer Chiefs

South African soccer team from Naturena, Soweto. It is arguably the club with the most annoying supporters in South Africa. Kaizer Chiefs fans think their team went to a private school. They think it's the Woolworths of soccer teams.

You also support Kaizer Chiefs? That's why you are so annoying.

Cyril Ramaphosa

The most useless president South Africa has ever had.

Things are falling apart in Mzansi because of Cyril Ramaphosa.

Underground gang

A skrr skrr way of referring to the ancestors.

You fam, the underground gang won't be happy about that.


This word can be used in any context. You can use it to greet, to say goodbye, to indicate you are happy. Etc.

Guy 1: Aweh bro, howzit?

Guy 2: Chilled bro, how about you?

Guy 1: Lekker bro.

Guy 2: Aweh!


Rabha (pronounced rubber) is a Xhosa slang term for a kiss.

When she got here, ndiye ndamthi rabha.
When she got here, I gave her a kiss.


A widely used slang term for saying someone has caught feelings.

I can't believe icatchile idyan.

Male bestie

Is someone whom u consider to be ur brother / someone close to u but some people think that a male bestie is someone who wants to ruin ur relationship. That is not true, a male bestie is like a boy bestie.

A male bestie stands by u when u are in tough times


Word referring to money.

Where is my nyuku?


igqolo is a Xhosa term for a stingy person.

Did you expect a trip to Durban but you know you are dating igqolo.


irhem is a colloquial Xhosa term mostly used by ama dyan from East London (eMonti) to refer to sex or a vagina.

Bendisitya irhem izolo.

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