Ingcibi is a Xhosa traditional surgeon who performs circumcisions on young males during initiation.

His grandfather is ingcibi of the village.


plug is a word used by Xhosa people that means HIV & AIDS

yho njayam lawei ine plug


First Lady Of The United States

Did you hear that the FLOTUS plagiarized her speech?


Xokshame is a Xhosa social media slang term for "I am joking / I am lying".

I hate my ex girlfriend. Lol xokshame.


Is a name given to a child or children born from South Africa Lady who date a Nigerian guy.

How are your jollofites doing?


ibhantinti is another term for a prisoner.

He got arrested last year, libhantinti ngoku.

Jiki jiki

Jiki jiki means all of a sudden or suddenly.

When we were growing you were dark, jiki jiki you are a yellow bone.


Having sex without a condom.

I'm going in there skoon baba.


Indutsu is a Xhosa vulgar word that means butt or ass.
Also see mdidi.

Ndakukhaba unye endutsu.


A favorite South African snack made from dried and salted meat, similar to beef jerky. It is mostly loved by white South Africans when watching their rugby games.

Let's grab some biltong before we watch the game.

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