Sbwl is a Xhosa shorthand for “sabaweli”. Sabaweli, which in turn is a shorthand of “andisabaweli, andisayibaweli, etc.”, is built from the root word “ukubawela” which means to crave, want, desire, wish for, fancy, yearn, etc.

1. Umntu wakho xa ebona mna, uthi sbwl. >> When your person sees me, s/he says sbwl.

2. Sbwl beer today.

3. Sbwl the coronavirus to just disappear. 


Sbwl is an acronym, and slang for the Xhosa language, which originated from the South African word “ sabaweli”; the meaning of the word was, “ crave, desire, yearn or to want something”.

On social media; is meant to have been created by “gay Xhosa men “ to hide their desire for a woman's man on social media.

1. Sbwl a good man.

2. Sbwl a man with a lot of money

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