East Africa A vagina

Man, I haven't eaten a mbususu for a while


Used in saying someone or something done is cool. It also depends on how you say what you are trying to say.

O dese!- Your cool/ You are cool!
E dese!- Its cool!

Thiefnibu ( Bola Tinubu)

Is a drug Lord who arrested in America for dealing in hard who contested to be a Nigerian president and was rejected by the masses but he rigged his way to be declared the winner after paying the INEC chairman $177 million US dollars
Thiefnibu:means criminals / he’s a criminal who looted his lagos state funds for himself
Thiefnibu/ is a wanted criminals in America; he forged his identity
Thiefnibu;- Bola Tinubu is not his real name he stole a woman name

Thiefnibu ;- is a name given to Tinubu who’s a drug from Nigerian who contested to become president


South African Slime-Super-Slang for Meat. Derived from the Zulu word for meat being “inyama”. Popularized by the great DJ Dr Peppa.

*Note: Only used when speaking in English

Broer 1: So you left it on the grass next to the braai stand boyzen??

You: You know I can’t waste food so I had to eat the Mnyamelis


South African slang-term used as a direct substitute for the words “I’m sorry”. Pronounced as Hah-deh.

Big Bro: Who ate the mnyanelis I left in fridge?!
You: It was me big bro, hade.


My brother/my sister/my best friend/

Kunjani mntase nakugcina kudala


A endearing term for the The best football club in Africa Mamelodi Sundowns Football Club.

Yoh MaSandawana game gang. They smoked Al Ahly 5-2 last week ko Atteridgeville!


Give me or pass me. It is a substitute for the word skyf. Pronounced as “Chair”

Che me the phone Broer, I wanna call someone to bring us Pipe.


South African slang term for “Please give/pass me”, pronounced as Sk-ey-f.

You don’t use an article (a, an or the) after the word. You just place the subject(what you want) directly after.

Please skyf pipe there. I wanna smoke quick.


South African
slang commonly used in a Hip-Hop context for Hookah Pipe or “Hubbly-Bubbly”

Hade Broer, can you skyf pipe there?

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