A fictitious story or a tale. Like those tales you'd hear about from parents/teachers/friends or read when you were younger.

"A man and his daughter were walking in the forest..."
Welele... inganekwane!


Nyash, also known as ass is used to describe different categories of ladies depending on their origin. Ladies from Banda, Gulu, and Karamoja have no nyash. They are time wasters. Martin

The word nyash is used to describe big ass, or booty.


Marijuana, weed

We smoked nkantina last night


A tin can.

Pass us the blikkie, bru.

Muli bwanji?

How are you?

Muli bwanji kumeneko,How are you there?

Last number

Last number is a Kasi term for the best of the best, the top of the range, top class.

I'm buying the last number Kota.


onyanya is someone who is stingy with anything

Peter okuna o onyanya


Okakumbu is a Bitch in oshiwambo

kelly okakumbu (kelly is a bitch)


Natubaaze means let's go in Oshiwambo slang

Peter Natubaaze ko KONKA


Amazaza is a South African slang term for Sunglasses.

Why are you wearing amazaza at night?

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