Majita Monday

Majita Monday is a movement striving to create a safe space for men to talk about their emotional intelligence and mental wellness. It is celebrated every Monday with the hashtag #MajitaMonday.

Happy Majita Monday to you all, gents ❤


Someone who is not good at something

Chomi ya ka ke patla ka bolo


A guy/ gentleman/clever man

How's it Mjita; 'm just Moja (fine)


Used to define a beautiful girl with nyash,like your imaginary hun

That hun is a stocko


A frontal refers to a hairpiece that has a strip of material which runs from ear to ear.

Every girl deserves ifrontal this December.


A man who has underwent initiation into manhood following the traditional teachings and cultural practices of amaHlubi.

IZawa liyahlonipha.

IZawa is a respectful person


Ukusarha is a slang term that means you are always asking for things from people. For example, you are always asking for free alcohol, you never buy.

Yho I don't wanna chill with that guy again, uyasharha.


To ukusikiphiko is when you are in the front seat of a car and have your elbow outside of the window.

Did you see him in his friend's car, ebesikiphiko and pretending not to see us.


Nkandla is a town in the uThungulu district of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. It is the district where former President of South Africa, Jacob Zuma is from.

I want to visit Nkandla this December.

Cyril Ramaphosa

Cyril Ramaphosa is the current president of the Republic of South Africa.

We are calling for Cyril Ramaphosa to answer for his Phala Phala farm saga.

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