Skrr skrr

Are mostly ama2000 and you will see them with their weird clothes, American accent, dreads with a fade or just a clean fade and they listen to weird Hip Hop songs. They always want to be seen and are very hard to miss.
They are the same WhatsApp group with cheese boys.

1. I knew he was a skrr skrr just from the way he was dressed.
2. Skrr skrr niggas will break your heart and help you through the heartbreak then break it again.

Skrr skrr nigger

Skrr skrr niggers are mostly born in 2000 .. They wear weird clothes and walk around high thinking they belong in america.. Mostly they are identified by their slung accent , nick names like ayc durk, black dugger or yng notolious .. And they listen to weird hip hop musics.. Mostly made in this generation thinking that they made it in life and also tend to think like they are similar to their favourite rapper.. One of the most favourite rapper of these screw screw niggers is j cole..

Hes a skrr skrr nigger that's why he speaks in that way..

She realised that hes a skrr skrr nigger after he broke up with her

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