Fatcake filled with chicken livers, mince or vegetables

Andiwuthandi lona umdundu.


A rich, usually older guy who exchanges his money for sexual benefits from young girls and/or boys.

Chomie, I got this new iPhone from my Blesser.


A Xhosa or Zulu term for a white person.

My best friend is umlungu.

Woman on top

Is the sexual position where the woman goes on top of a man (AKA cowgirl).

A lot of women struggle with woman on top.


Afrikaners are a South African ethnic group descended from predominantly Dutch settlers first arriving at the Cape of Good Hope in the 17th and 18th centuries

Contrary to popular belief, Afrikaners are also Africans.

Same WhatsApp group

A phrase that is used to describe similar things, people, behaviors or situations.

ANC supporters and Bushiri supporters - Same WhatsApp group!


This refers to President Cryil Ramaphosa. He was given this nickname after he announced R500 billion Covid-19 relief fund. He was throwing billions like he was throwing boxing punches.

Don't worry, President Ramabillion has promised us a R350 covid grant.


Inxila is a Xhosa term for a drunkard.

Ubhuti wakho linxila lokwenyani.
Translation: Your brother is a real drunkard.


A shortened version of "Undincamisile", a Xhosa term to express shock. Undincamisile can also mean "you have kissed me, you kissed me, s/he kissed me", which is not related to the definition we are talking about here.

Girl 1: She has already moved on.
Girl 2: For real? It's only been 2 weeks.
Girl 1: Dead serious.
Girl 2: Ncmsl


Is the person on the receiving end of the relationship with a blesser.

His blessee is actually very cute.

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