In Shona it means powers

Hurumende ine masimba ekuchinja mutemo


A Zulu name for a girl that means loved one or loved.
Means loved.

Ungothandiwe kakhulu .


The term refers to a woman or women who are identified as being available for the pleasure and entertainment of men.

John vul'igate, nasi istocko.
John open the gate, we have the stocko.


A translender is a person who is fat on the outside but slender on the inside. Basically a slender person stuck in a fat person's body.

Don't be fooled by this mkhaba, I'm s translender.


A very offensive word that is used to refer to a foreigner.
Same as kwerekwere.

Stop calling our brothers and sisters amagweja!


Danko is the same as Afrikaans word dankie which symbolises acceptance and appreciation, it basically means thank you.

The South African government said Danko to everyone who got vaccinated.


Imoto is a Nguni term for a car.

Xhosa: Ndiyayithanda imoto yam.
Zulu: Ngiyayithanda imoto yami.


Tyoka to break

Susan aka tyoka meaning her leg is broken


Maleven was a South African criminal who used to hijack cars and do house breakings around Benoni. He rose into fame after his interview with BBC. He is rumoured to have passed away.

Maleven: I will show you with your last born if you don't want to give me money.


This is the most common curse word, mostly used to chase a dog away.
Some may spell it as Tsek

Hey voetsek wena spottie. Go away.

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