Laduma is a South African phrase that is generally spoken (or screamed) when a goal is scored in soccer.

What a goal... Laduuuuuuumaaaa!!!


Izinyanya is a Xhosa term for ancestors.

Ndiyabulela kuni zinyanya.


Jiva is a kasi term for dancing. It can also be spelt as Jaiva.

Ey wena uyathanda uku jiva.
You like dancing

For days

A term referring to a large amount of something.

I've got alcohol for days, fam.

Shisa Nyama

Of Zulu origin, this directly translates to "burn meat". It is the Zulu equivalent to a braai. In most cases, it refers to a place that sells and "braais" meet.

Let's go braai some meat at that Shisa Nyama.


A term Xhosa people use to refer to those small cellphones with no internet. Those phones you just use for calls and sms. They call it lepopotane in SePitori.

Yho mntase I saw his tilili hidden in the spare wheel of his car. Caba he didn't want me to see that he uses it for his hoes.



Anondipa Rudo(She/He gives me love )

Banyana Banyana

The South African Women's soccer team.

Banyana Banyana is the best women's soccer team in Africa, unlike Bafana Bafana.


Rekere is a Fool

O nketsa rekere(You are making me a fool)

Taxi Maths

This is the job of the person taking the front sit in the taxi, i.e counting money and providing change.

He was moered by taxi maths

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