Another name for Carling Black Label beer. Some call it Black Juice.

I will never drink zamalek again. It's too strong.

Ke dese

In Sepitori, dese means good, beautiful... anything great. You may use it to say you are good at something or even use it to say you are beautiful.
The "Ke" in front stands for "I" or "I am"

Ke dese ka diski unlike Bafana Bafana players.


Bobby is a common name for a dog (usually bad dogs).

Mlume bobby! Mlume!


Limpopo people's favourite food, made from maize meal.

We need more pap for the braai.

O jewa ke eng?

O jewa ke eng is a Sotho term that directly translates to "What is eating you" in English. This is a phrase that has become famous on Twitter after a user named @akreana tweeted it back in June 2019.

Friend 1: Why are you so down, o jewa ke?
Friend 2: Eish my friend, my boyfriend has been cheating on me with that slut from Pitori.


A derogatory term for foreigners in South African slang, particularly foreigners from African countries.
Can also be spelt as Kwirikwiri or kwarakwara.

Stop calling foreign people kwerekwere!


That South African language with all the clicks. The people who speak this language think they breathe flavoured air

No one: Thabo: I only date Xhosa chicks even though I know they will suck me dry.


The act of breaking someone's heart either through cheating or any malpractice that automatically leads the end of a relationship. Often used in a phrase "ba tlao hurda" meaning they will hurt you

Ba tlao hurda, banunur!


A term we used to use back in the day to refer to the 50c coin. Ama2000 would not know it.

No one:

5 year old me: Ndicela noba yi zuka to buy sweets.


A person

Ndiye munhu wacho
Meaning: This is the person

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