A endearing term for the The best football club in Africa Mamelodi Sundowns Football Club.

Yoh MaSandawana game gang. They smoked Al Ahly 5-2 last week ko Atteridgeville!

Arthur Zwane

A plumber who is the current coach of Kaizer Chiefs.

Don’t worry, Arthur Zwane is rebuilding.


an affirmation, dismissal, exasperation or exclamation in different contexts

1) What are you doing lah?
2) No lah!

Ubi asha

Meaning white hair ( Gray hair )

Ubi asha in Urhobo language means white hair (Gray hair)


Ipipi is a term in South Africa that means a penis.

Unepipi enkulu.
He has a big penis.


Sapa is the state of being broke or not having money or food at your disposal

So finally Sapa don catch this guy
Guy sapa hold me like this no be lie


Also known as Eskom - Those assholes who are supposed to be providing South Africa with consistent electricity supply but instead they bring us consistent Load Shedding.

It's dark again. Blame ass-kom.


Is a Zulu and Xhosa swear word that loosely translates to male or female genitalia or cunt.

Msunu kanyoko to whoever is disrespecting me.


Fokkol is a popular South African term for Nothing, dololo, nix.

I fear fokkol!!!


A slang term or kasi term for BMW 325is.

They were spinning that gusheshe like crazy in Gomora last night.

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