irhem is a colloquial Xhosa term mostly used by ama dyan from East London (eMonti) to refer to sex or a vagina.

Bendisitya irhem izolo.


Tik is the South African street name for crystal meth. It also goes by the street name thsuf.

These boys smoke tik and terrorize the community.

Should of

The incorrect way of spelling "should have"

Should of known you was trouble from the first kiss.


A quasi-military dance-step characterized by high-stepping movements, performed either on the spot or while moving slowly forwards, usually by participants in protest gatherings or marches, and accompanied by chanting, singing, and the shouting of slogans

They were toyi-toying for the lack of service delivery in their community and apparently the money was misused by a local tenderpreneur

Kiss Madolo

This is what educated people call "knock knees". When a person is standing and his/her knees (madolo) are touching (kissing).
It can also be called a kiss kiss.

He can't run because he has kiss madolo.

Mr 082

A guy who trended for what was apparently a staged video. He was asked for his number by a woman in a car and he kept saying "082". Twitter gave him the name Mr 082. 

Did you see the Mr 082 video?


intshiza is a Xhosa slang term for a gun. 

I had to give them my phone, one of them ebephethe intshiza. 


Isishumane or sishimane is a South African term used to refer to a single person who is not single by choice. It is mostly used in a mocking manner.

Aisuka, that one sisishumane esikhulu.

Street Champion

A street winner

Flex is The Street Champion


Show you flames or to literally make you shit yourself.

Mjolo will nyisa you. 

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