Salvation is a South African rapper and songwriter. He was introduced to the music industry late 2013. The artist started making wonders in a well known genre, Hip Hop as a solo artist and has then evolved from just rapping to being musical and flowing on beautiful melodies of trap-soul.

Salvation is the future of HipHop music

icatchile idyan

This means that the dyan has caught feelings.

I can't believe icatchile idyan.


An iceboy / ice boy is a broke guy who drinks with guys who have money (usually guys he grew up with). They send him around to buy ice, open the beers for them and do all crazy things because he does not contribute financially.

Don't be fooled by all that alcohol he is carrying, he is just an iceboy and not the moreki.


An informal Xhosa slang term for "I am so happy / I am so excited". It is shortened from "Andisavuyi"

Kaizer Chiefs lost to Chippa Utd today, savuyi mntkbw.


Not to be confused with a town (place). To town is the act of having unprotected sex (skoon). It is generally used by Xhosa people.

Ey wena the way you like to town, you will get sick.

Park the bus

In soccer, to park the bus means to play very defensively, to get a lot of players behind the ball. Imagine a bus parked in front of the goal. It is almost impossible to score.

Park the bus, Man United. Playing football the Mourinho way


Rekere is a Fool

O nketsa rekere(You are making me a fool)


Dagga is another term for marijuanna or weed.

No one:
Parents: You are failing because of the dagga you are smoking.


A racist slur used to refer to black people in South Africa. It is shortened from Kaffir.

It is a crime to use the K-word in South Africa.


A racial slur that was (and still) used by racist whites to refer to black people in South Africa.

She got arrested for calling ba lack protester kaffir.

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